“+Page” Button

+Page ← Drag this link to your Bookmarks Bar

To add the “+Page” button:

  1. Make sure your Bookmarks Bar is visible.
  2. Drag the “+Page” button to your Bookmarks bar.
  3. When you are browsing the web, push the “+Page” button to save the link.

Once you added “+Page” button to your browser, you can click the “+Page” button when you on a page that you want to read later or bookmark. We will index the page content for you so that you can find it easily no matter how many links you saved.

Bookmark Uploader

Bookmark Uploader imports your browser bookmarks into PageLens.

Export Instructions Other Markdown

To export bookmarks from delicious.com, click here.

Upload your bookmarks

Email Bot

To save a link by Email:

  1. Compose an Email with recipient a@pagelens.com.
  2. Paste/Type the link you want to save in the message body.
  3. (Optional) If you want to specify a name for the link, specify the name on the Email subject. (Leave blank to use the title of the link as the name for the link).
  4. (Optional) Additional message on the Email body will be used as notes.

*To use this feature, you must send the Email from the Email account you signed up with PageLens. You also have to confirm the Email address.